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From Several Columns to a Single Column with a Formula

This formula is useful in case you have a data table in the following format and you want to transform it to “Preferred Results” format. A-Data-1 B-Data-1 C-Data-1 D-Data-1 A-Data-2 B-Data-2 C-Data-2 D-Data-2 A-Data-3 B-Data-3 C-Data-3 D-Data-3 A-Data-4 B-Data-4 C-Data-4 D-Data-4 Preferred Results: A-Data-1 A-Data-2 A-Data-3 A-Data-4 B-Data-1 B-Data-2 B-Data-3 B-Data-4 C-Data-1 C-Data-2 C-Data-3 C-Data-4 […]